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Talent Track Services is a Consulting firm specialized in Recruitments & HR practices. We provide manpower to organizations in all the possible vertical positions. Our aim is to provide fast, quality and cost-effective, end-to-end manpower solutions for our clients.

Talent Track Services began in 1999 as Medisearch India to provide the best staff available to various segments of Businesses in India & abroad. Since then, it has grown into a highly successful executive and professional search firm. In April 2008, it was rebranded as Talent Track Services, which conveys our desire to generate value and business impact for our clients.

Since our inception in 1999, we have over the years successfully provided fully integrated manpower services such as permanent recruitment and staffing solutions to multinational corporations and local conglomerates from different industries (i.e. both IT and Non IT). We handle both Permanent and contract staffing. Our strength lies in the principal asset of a team of highly dedicated and competent consultants from diverse commercial backgrounds. With their valuable experience and thorough knowledge in a wide range of industries, we are unparalleled in providing prompt and effective human resource and manpower services to our clients.

We work to understand the complexities of our clients, their corporate culture and organizational direction. Our hallmark is absolutely outstanding customer service backed by best practice methods and sophisticated technology to deliver accountable results. In this era, no business can succeed and grow long term without the right people & the best people. Ultimately, the fundamental measure of our success is how well we contribute in this respect to the success of our clients’ business.


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Industry We Serve
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Construction & Real Estate
Construction or Real Estate industry forms solid foundation for any economy. With the rapid automation and mechanization, the construction/Real estate industry is well balanced in terms of technology and has emerged as most dynamic as well as rapidly advancing industry sector. With the industry facing unprecedented growth in past few years, the expansion and modernization procedures employed by the companies involve use of new technologies as well as employing more personnel to take care of the expanding job role demands. Working with some of the biggest names in construction we can confidently place you into an Architectural, Civil Engineering, Maintenance, Planning or Surveying role – whatever your level of experience and wherever you’re based.
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The infrastructure sector of India has a potential to absorb great economy towards itself. The infrastructure is divided into a network of Construction, roads, coastlines, airports, railways, telecommunications, electricity, irrigation projects. The Government of India is also providing a lot of incentives for the overall development of infrastructure whereas a lot of banks and insurance corporations are providing equity share and loans. This sector is the base where the economic superstructure of the country lies and is a very important segment in a human being’s life. Many new projects are coming up and the sector is in great need of man Power as a skilled labor is required in the maintenance of the infrastructure sector.
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We provide Engineers and professionals to meet the growing demands of the Engineering sector. Covering every Engineering needs, we provide the clients with highly qualified professionals who are technically sound and with credible educational and work background.
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Mining, Iron & Steel
The mining, Iron & Steel industry is a very expensive as well as expansive venture. A lot of capital investment is needed in this sector when one needs to set up mining fields. The metal industry has seen a sudden outbreak of growth in the recent years with the price of gold flickering everyday it has become a commodity and a subject of interest for the investors. The chief characteristic of this industry is that it could be set up with any shape and size unlike the industries of different sectors. In this industry there is a shortage of skilled people so to increase the business. The industry requires so many people of sectors related to functional operations.
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The Pharma, life sciences and healthcare industry as the name suggests is an amalgamation of industries like hospital management, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical research, Health insurance companies, Donors, Manufacturer of Medical equipments etc.This industry have come up as major pillars of industrial revolutions and have expanded its presence in a dominant fashion in the global markets. Increasing health awareness among masses has seen a significant rise in attention paid to the medical industry. The significant technological support is available in these sectors, which is required for necessary growth in these industries at global levels. This industry is supported with great professionals like the doctors, therapists, psychologists, biotechnologist, nurses, midwives etc. The main purpose of this industry is to provide the best possible treatment, curing of the patients, health related benefits like death claim, life insurance policies.
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Agro Business and Chemicals
Now days, Agro business industry is one of the leading industry at the global economic front. It basically involves Chemicals, crop production, distribution of food products, machinery equipment’s etc used for farming. Due to an increase in the productivity of this industry companies have started shifting their business into this sector. This industry promises great future prospects . Due to an invention of new technologies and instruments more and more advancement is taking place . A lot of people are becoming interested to make their career into this field.
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There has been a major contribution of Oil and Gas Industry in meeting the economic development at global levels. With the growth, the industry has come up with countless jobs in the Oil & Gas industry. With projects spread internationally, the workforce is required for conceptualizing, designing, building, managing and operating the projects. Whether you are looking for a drilling engineer or geophysicist, our experienced oil and gas recruitment consultants are dedicated at helping you find the right talent according to your needs. We have expertise in providing staff start from the exploration, feasibility studies and conceptual engineering, front-end engineering and design (FEED) to procurement, construction, commissioning and maintenance, operations for both onshore and offshore facilities and also full field developments and expansion projects. Since the Oil and Gas industry has a formidable contribution to global economy. As oil and gas manpower recruitment agency in India, working with integrity and zeal, we provide our clients the best Oil and Gas recruitment services.
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The petrochemical industry includes global processes of exploration, extraction, refining, transporting as well as meeting the marketing demands of petroleum products. The largest volume products of industry includes fuel oil and gasoline (petrol). The industry is divided into three major components i.e. upstream, midstream and downstream. The two most common petrochemical classes are olefins and aromatics. The economy of this industry is growing due to the regular needs of people to run the vehicles, especially engineering functions of all verticals.
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We as a prominent player in the consultancy sector, Automobile industry is one area where we have delivered quality for over one and decade now. Starting from Engineering, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Administration, we provide manpower in Automobile industry.
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Power & Energy
Power and EnergyTo meet the growing demands in the Power & Energy sector, we provide manpower service to the Power & Energy industry with professionals varying along every level of the industry. We have a strong pool of candidates who are identified after various filtering standards.
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Aviation & Aerospace
The industry is marking its mark in the sky. Many new institutes are open across the globe and every year more and more number of students are taking admissions therefore showing the interest of youth in this sector. Conferences are being organized by various countries in order to enhance and strengthen the airline/aviation industry. The Airlines/Aviation Industry is being covered by the today’s demanding scenario. As the industry requires highly experienced manpower in the respective fields, we as an Airline Recruitment Agency are offering complete recruitment solutions for the Airline Industry jobs. The entire industry has witnessed surge of accelerating interest & awareness, exclusively with the opening up of the skies for overseas players. The global involvement for private players has seen the industry gain and contributing towards the rising employee base in industry.
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Electricals and Electronics
Manufacturing processes known to be wealth producing industry focuses on the manufacturing of Electricals and electronics, tools and technology, machines and all those products that are necessary to carry out our daily routine. This industry faces a lot of challenge as new and new products are launched everyday within the competitive companies. To manufacture a globally accepted product is a tough job. Apart from the technical knowledge which is a prerequisite of this industry the art of creativity also plays a very essential role. A special kind of equipments as well as resources are required in this field. We take ownership of every situation and never hesitate to take appropriate actions for ensuring a positive and timely resolution.
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The Indian Retail industry is a tough competitor to other industries in India. It is another big industry that has gained excellence in this consumer culture. More and more people get fascinated by the concept of buying things from E-Commerce sites, shopping centers, malls , big arenas where all most all the necessary things are done under one platform. The economy of this industry is growing due to the people who are excited to make their future into this field like young people, working women, students etc. As new retail stores are coming new recruits are needed thus offering great future assets.
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In last couple of years supply chain and logistic industry has grown at a very fast pace. This prospective growth has opened new opportunities in the field of manpower required to handle different aspects of the job. The supply chain and logistics network is a means through which business is carried between a supplier directly to its customer. The supplier basically provides the raw materials to the buyers. The characteristic feature of this kind of chain is that one can get anything or everything which can be related to any product. As there is a tough competition with which the market is dealing today this supply chain is a relief as it helps to meet the demands and needs of the customer. Any kind of product availability is what makes this industry a well-renowned one.
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Information Technology
Highly qualified Engineers, IT Specialists, Rooting & Coding professionals, Analysts, are a few of the candidates and manpower solutions we offer to the most demanding and ever growing IT industry. Our consulting solutions are diverse and it caters to every level of the company.
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Media & Advertising
Media & advertising need creative people who could work on various ideas periodically. We provide professional like designers, developers, production professionals who can meet the desired requirements and be a productive part of the organization.
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The only certainty in today’s business environment is that everything is uncertain; the business environment has become highly fluid and dynamic. The retail landscape is continuously evolving with the emergence of virtual companies, cloud computing, digital technology based Apps with the spread of internet access and have become synonymous with today’s new generation consumers and producers of goods and services."

Consumers are making informed purchase decisions sitting in the comfort of their drawing room or even during travel etc. by scanning specification of products and getting it delivered right at their doorstep by using custom made Apps. E-Commerce players are able to offer hefty discount to consumers by adapting innovative application based technologies in Operations, and Supply chain. This has also changed the way India trades and shops, impacting multiple industries and business models. This change of consumer behaviour and rapid intrusion of digital technologies has changed economic and commerce forever and given birth to E-Commerce.
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Fast-moving consumer goods
These products are sold quickly and at relatively low cost. Examples include non-durable goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs and many other consumables. In contrast, durable goods or major appliances such as kitchen appliances are generally replaced over a period of several years.

Many fast moving consumer goods have a short shelf life, either as a result of high consumer demand or because the product deteriorates rapidly. Some FMCGs, such as meat, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and baked goods, are highly perishable. Other goods, such as pre-packaged foods, soft drinks, chocolate, candies, toiletries, and cleaning products, have high turnover rates. The sales are sometimes influenced by holidays and seasons.Packaging is critical for FMCGs. The logistics and distribution systems often require secondary and tertiary packaging to maximize efficiency. The unit pack or primary package is critical for product protection and shelf life and also provides information and sales incentives to consumers.Though the profit margin made on FMCG products is relatively small (more so for retailers than the producers/suppliers), they are generally sold in large quantities; thus, the cumulative profit on such products can be substantial. FMCG is a classic case of low margin and high volume business.
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To bring talented individuals to the the limelight by providing them an oppurtunity too shine in real time situation. Stabilize the lives of young and passionate people of the country and thereby contribute to the overall growth of the country and the people. Help corporations and business organizations to hire the best talent and give them a chance to choose the best from the pool.

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We are associated with every major global brand. We are reputed for being associated with the prominent brands across the world. Some of them are Panasonic, Aditya Birla, Shapoorji Pallonji, Petrofac, Wuerth Worldwide, Sealed Air Group, Genpact, Arcelor Mittal, William Hare Group. In each brand which we are associated with, comes an added privilege. As an organization which is widely accepted and with an ever growing list of esteemed clients, we believe it's our duty to be associated with the best in the market.

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At Talent Track we don't just send the individuals out for an interview. We groom them and make them ready to face the interview. Our Interview and resume tips help the individuals to build in confidence and make them prepared to face the interview. Prepared by industry experts, our interview and resume tips are well structured and covers all the latest tips and requirements.

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